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Allergan Botox Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Allergan Botox Cost in riyadh

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Step into the world of endless beauty, where the affordable Allergan Botox Cost in Riyadh injections work for ageless looks. Delve into the era where confidence has no limitations, and the cost of the treatment is determined by newfound self-assurance. Welcome to our clinic, here we provide you with the most attractive and timeless perfections. Renowned for the capability to revive and rejuvenate your appearance this treatment has become most trusted and famous for youthful radiance. Let us together reveal the limitless probabilities with each shot of injection. For further details, read the below page.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: 800 SAR to 1200 SAR.
  • Results: Long-lasting.
  • Downtime: depends on the skin.
  • Back to work: instantly.
  • Duration of Treatment: 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Type of Procedure: injectables.

Allergan Botox!

Allergan Botox is another type of Botox that uses the specific botulinum toxin A, it contains the active material injected into the muscles. Botox can treat many problems such as muscle spasms, chronic headaches, bladder issues, and many others. It is helpful to get rid of chronic migraine in adults. It operates by partway obstructing the nerve implant that has been injected and lessening these muscles’ surplus contractions.

When the injection is injected into the glands to lower the production of sweat, it also improves the look of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. Botox is also used for different medical purposes, involving curing surplus sweating, and bowel issues. These allergens are the main gamers in the aesthetic market, it continues to innovate and expand its goods offerings.

Allergan Botox Cost in Riyadh

The Allergan Botox Cost in Riyadh ranges from 800 SAR to 1200 SAR. The fixed cost will be determined after meeting the expertise of our clinic. They help you to enhance your beauty in less time and quick recovery. The more you have to solve the issue the more the cost will be.

Factors Impacting the Cost 

The botox cost will be effective as the cost has some variables to create changes. Several factors that affect the cost:

  • Dosage: The injections are effective according to their dosages. Some individuals have very less aging signs. As they are not too old to get the higher dosages or large numbers of sessions. 
  • Insurance coverage: The insurance coverage can cover your expenses but only those that are of chronic and genuine disorders. The cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance policies. Insurance coverage will be discussed by the clinic and the doctors.
  • The expertise of the specialists: The expertise of the professionals matters a lot. Every person needs risk-free and effective results after the treatment. The higher the skilled doctor you require the higher the cost. The standard facilities provided by the doctor will lower the level of risks.
  • Condition of the skin: The skin condition also depends upon the cost. Like, if the person is facing aging effects such as wrinkles, fine lines, and others then they will be charged more as compared to a person who has fewer problems with the skin.
  • Fees of the professionals: The professionals will charge their fees according to their requirements. The more the specialist is skilled, qualified, and experienced the more he will charge you the cost. Because the doctor can easily remove the risk.
  • Additional services: Services provided by the physicians and experts of the clinic are included in additional facilities. The additional services include pre-care, post-care treatment, tests, number of sessions, and others.

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Enfiled Royal Clinic offers you the best and most advanced Allergan Botox Cost in Riyadh. Our services are to provide you with the best and timeless treatment that can improve your looks and boost your confidence. We give you suitable treatment according to your needs and the texture of your skin. Let yourself get beautiful and admiring skin, by using injectables. Do not hesitate and get the the phone to call us for Booking An Appointment.


No, males can also have this treatment to boost their skin’s texture.

This will depend on the doctor's recommendation. Firstly, He/She will check out your skin texture after this, experts will tell you about the sessions or dosages.

The doctor will test your skin first then they will apply a suitable injection into your skin. This will seem natural.

No, you can have the injections after the age of 20.

You can store these injections in refrigerators at the temperature of 20 C and 80 C.

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