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Beard line laser hair removal cost in Riyadh

Beard line laser hair removal cost in riyadh

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Our cure is safe and effective to get rid of undesirable follicles and get a neat and soft look. Ready to rock and get a perfect beard? Stay connected and get amazing discounts on beard line laser hair removal in Riyadh. We are providing our finest services and impacts to our clients.


Quick Facts:

Cost: 799 SAR to 1089 SAR.

Results: Endless

Back to work: After a procedure is done.

Duration of Treatment: 15  to 30 minutes

Type of Procedure: Technical



It is a widespread procedure nowadays for enduring hairsbreadth reduction in body regions and beard line hair removal. In this process, we use some concentrated beams of light to mark spots and kill hair follicles in those spots.

It is normally a safe and comfortable technique in the presence of trained specialists. It is not good for everyone because every individual has a different kind of skin manner and hair pigment. To avoid this type of issue you have to confer with your dermatologist they will advise you according to your skin problems. 


Beard line laser hair removal cost in Riyadh:

The price of this treatment at  Enfield Royal Clinic varies from  799 SAR to 1089 SAR. comfortably contact us for an accurate fee plan and avail of our amazing deals. The final amount will be decided after the technique is done. 


Factors of costs:

Types of method used:

There are several types of treatments available, and those are extremely useful as compared to others. Clinics charge the price according to your preferences for the techniques used.


Digit of sessions:

The sessions rely upon your skin hairs. If your hair is thick then you need more visits, the higher the prevailing expense of the cure.


Container deals and discounts:

Our hospital delivers the most pleasing deals for hair removals. Avail the best saving deals in every session.


Professional Expertise:

Our qualified and expert staff give you the best services in treatment. Our highly experienced doctors may demand more heightened fees.


Additional services  product:

Some hospitals may charge a higher consultation fee in the first session of discussion of the cure. This fee may not be included in the session during the procedure.


Clinic Reputation and Expertise:

The fee of the clinic is based on the clinic’s reputation and their experience staff may charge a high fee. If a clinic has a fair reputation then their treatment fee is high.


Clinic amenities and facilities:

The rate of the clinic, Amenities, and facilities always impact the price of the clinical treatment. Clinics that have a piece of modern equipment cost high payments.

Book an Appointment:

Ready to raise your spirit? Reserve your appointment for a laser hair removal in Riyadh today and let us suggest hair removal. Your path to vitality awaits.


Laser hair removal may generate some kind of distress while normally it's tolerated for many individuals. the level of pain depends upon the person.

It is a safe method but for many periods, it's not suited for someone. This technique is good for individuals not for all. 

it is a process of extracting the avoided hair from the borders of the beard.


Start of the procedure, it's essential to avoid direct sunlight and tanning for a couple of weeks.

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