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Cellfina Treatment Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

cellfina treatment

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Cellulite is a disorder mostly common in women. The disorder can cause an inferiority complex in those suffering from it because cellulite is often considered a sign of being overweight. This can cause emotional and psychological problems in women as they are worried about their appearance. Are you one of those who wear loose clothes to hide cellulite symptoms?  Are you searching for a proper treatment to cure cellulite? Then look no further as Cellfina Treatment is the solution to your problem. Read below to learn about Cellfina Treatment Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and book us.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 9,999 SAR

Results: Improve appearance 

Back to work: Recommended by Expert

Duration of Treatment: 35 to 50 Mins

Type of Procedure: Minimally Invasive

What are the Causes of Cellulite?

Cellulite is a common disorder in women and it can be caused at any age after puberty. However, the exact causes of this disorder are defined but some factors tend to be the main cause of cellulite. Some causes are mentioned below:

  • Fat: Body fat can be the main reason causing cellulite.
  • Hormones: Hormones like estrogen can cause dimples by weakening tissues.
  • Genetics: Women are more likely to have the disorder because of genetic factors.
  • Weight: Increased weight or rapidly decreased weight can lead to cellulite.
  • Age: Skin loses its elasticity as the body ages; this can be a cause of the disorder.

How Does the Cellfina Treatment Addresses Cellulite?

The procedure is completely harmless and effective. The treatment focuses on breaking down the bonds created by cellulite which makes skin regain its structure and strength. The overall dimples are targeted by the Cellfina device, which makes small cuts in the targeted area and then the fibrous bands are broken down, allowing the skin to heal and regain its structure. The procedure takes up to 35 to 50 minutes for completion depending on the area being treated. Candidates can go back to work after the advice of the expert.

Cellfina Treatment Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Our Enfield Royal Clinic is popular for its effective and affordable treatments, making more trusted clients day by day. Our clinic ensures that the treatment is carried out under the proper care and advanced technology required for the treatment. The price of Cellina treatment at our clinic starts from 9,999 SAR. This price can also be affected by some other factors as well but when you choose our clinic we make sure that your investment isn’t wasted and you achieve the ideal body goals you ever wanted.

Various Factors Affecting Cost:

  • The area being treated.
  • Skin type.
  • Expertise of Dermatologist.
  • Sessions required.
  • The geographical location of the clinic.

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Is Cellfina treatment permanent?

No, the procedure isn’t permanent. The results last for more than three years after being treated. This also depends on candidates and how they maintain their physical health and maintain a proper diet.

Can you eat after the treatment?

There are no restrictions on eating food, But it is recommended to eat light and avoid spicy food. Also, drink more water and stay hydrated.

Is Cellfina treatment appropriate for everyone?

This is decided after the proper checkup and analysis by the specialist, whether Cellfina treatment is ideal for you or not. 

Is anesthesia needed?

Yes, anaesthesia is used during the procedure to avoid any kind of pain and for the comfort of the candidate.

Is there any danger of infection?

No, there is no danger of infection, The properly sterilized pieces of equipment are used in the Cellfina treatment to avoid any kind of infection. 

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