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Cost of Breast Implants In Riyadh

Mentor Breast Implant in Riyadh

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Women can avoid the uncomfortable effects of sagging breasts by lifting the breast. Sagging may happen due to pregnancy, breastfeeding a newborn, or quick and considerable weight reduction. A woman who has sagging floppy mammary glands can experience physical discomfort in addition to psychological trauma. It is crucial to return them to their original state of perfection and beauty. You must understand the factors affecting the cost of Breast Implants in Riyadh.

Breast lift surgery

By relocating its original soft tissues, removing extra skin, and elevating the nipple, surgery will enable you to provide a flawless shape. The choice of surgical intervention is made based on the seriousness of the ailment and the state of the soft tissues. The level of intervention might range from total glandular tissue preservation to a tiny crescent-shaped incision at the nipple’s edge. After the procedure, the breast will be tightened, elevated, and take on a lovely shape.


The price of a breast implants procedure in Riyadh can start from 20,000 SAR at Enfield Royal Saudia! Numerous factors affect the price, which the doctor will only decide on after the initial appointment.

Factors Affecting Cost of Breast Implants in Riyadh:

 A number of factors, including the following, affect the cost of the treatment.

  • The type of treatment being employed
  • How many places need to be treated
  • How many sessions are necessary to get the best results?
  • Desired effects of the therapy
  • Doctor’s credentials and areas of competence
  • Utilized equipment
  • Where the clinic is located and whether anesthesia is utilized


 A gynecologist and general practitioner visit is required, as is a preoperative assessment and consultations with a plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist.

It’s important to discuss pregnancy planning concerns and identify any mammary cysts or fibrotic abnormalities that need to be watched or treated. Ptosis can happen after lactation.

Blood-thinning medications must not be taken before surgery, and food should not be consumed four to five hours prior.

Rehabilitation Period:

 It is advised that patients wear compression garments for the first 3–4 weeks following surgery to support their breasts gently, lessen the inevitable pain and swelling that follow surgery at the wound site, and hasten their recovery. Painkillers are provided to lessen the impact of the discomfort, and antibiotics can be prescribed to avoid problems.

The patients are restricted from exercising, participating in sports, visiting the solarium, and using the sauna for two weeks after the stitches are removed, which takes place after 7 to 10 days. The edema will last for 3–4 months depending on the physiological makeup of the body, and it won’t be until then that the efficiency of the repair can be assessed.


What to expect after breast lift surgery?

You’ll probably experience some discomfort and tenderness in your breast area for the two weeks that you recover. Additionally, there will be bruising and swelling, which should start to go away after two to three weeks.

What are the side effects of breast implants?

Although mastopexy is a generally low-risk treatment, patients still run the risk of experiencing bleeding, infection, seroma or hematoma, scarring, inadequate wound healing, loss of breast or nipple sensitivity, uneven breast size or form, blood clots, or the need for revision surgery.

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