Double Chin Liposuction in Riyadh

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Discover a new sculpted and more defined jawline with Double Chin Liposuction in Riyadh. Ever wondered how to get rid of this extra fat? Interested about the solution that promises a more sculpted jawline? Don’t worry anymore Double chin liposuction in Riyadh is the solution. Give a brief reading of this article

Procedure Time

1 to 2 hours


no downtime

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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 900 to 1000SAR.
  • Results: long-lasting.
  • Type of Procedure: minimally invasive

Double Chin Liposuction!

It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to address the ongoing problem of extra fat beneath the chin. This treatment aids in freeing you from the grasp of that defiant double chin that defies effort and diet. The process is removing extra fat from the submental area, or the region under the chin. 

Ideal Candidates:

The perfect candidate of double chin liposuction are:

Excellent General Health:

Applicants should not have any illnesses that could raise their risk of complications from surgery.

Localized Fat Deposits:

 For people with localized fat deposits under the chin, double chin liposuction works best. It is a method of treating certain locations of excess fat rather than a weight loss surgery.


Some of the benefits are as follows

Defined Jawline:

Shaping and sculpting the jawline creates a more aesthetically beautiful and defined profile.

Enhance Confidence:

 Removing fat can significantly boost confidence, making one feel more comfortable and secure in their look.

Younger Appearance:

The treatment tightens the skin in addition to eliminating extra fat, giving the body a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Before After Results:

Double Chin Liposuction Before After
Double Chin Liposuction Before After Results

Pre Care:

Some of the instructions are as follows :

Meeting with experts :

Make an appointment with an experienced surgeon who has performed liposuction procedures. Discuss thoroughly your issues, medical history, and goals during this consultation.

Medical Evaluation:

To determine your general health and appropriateness for the surgery, have a complete medical evaluation. To make sure you are in good health, the surgeon may ask for necessary examinations such as blood tests.

Avoid medication :

You should avoid self-medication, aspirin products, vitamins, and blood thinning medication a week before the treatment.


The procedure include the follwing steps:

Consultation and Evaluation:

 Consult a plastic surgeon to discuss your medical record, and goals during this discussion. After assessing your general health, the surgeon will decide the method of procedure.


anesthesia will injected to make you comfortable and reduce pain and distress.

Designating the Treatment Area:

 The areas of your chin and neck will be marked. These indentations function as a guide for the liposuction process.

Small Incisions:

These are small incisions, usually smaller than half an inch, placed in discrete areas like behind the ears or under the chin. A cannula, which is a thin tube, is inserted through these incisions.

Tumescent Solution:

 Local anesthetic, epinephrine, and saline (saltwater) are mixed and injected into the desired location. This mixture lessens bleeding, numbs the area, and makes fat removal easier.


 The excess fat is eliminated and suctioned out by the surgeon using a cannula inserted through the incisions. The cannula is attached to a machine that functions like a vacuum and extracts body fat.

After Care:

After care instructions are as follow:

Wear Compression clothes :

 As instructed by your surgeon, wear the compression garments that have been provided to minimize swelling and aid in the healing process.

Engaging in Exercise:

Avoid heavy exercise for a specific amount of time.

Nutrition and Hydration:

For a rapid healing process, maintain a balanced diet and be well-hydrated.

Double Chin Liposuction Cost in Riyadh

Double Chin Liposuction

Starting From
SAR 900

Double Chin Liposuction

SAR 1000

It’s essential to emphasize that the precise cost can fluctuate based on the extent of customization necessary for your specific treatment. During your initial consultation, our experts will assess your requirements to furnish you with a precise and tailored estimate.

Factors Affecting the Cotst:

  • Location
  • Surgeons experience
  • Fee

Best Surgeon for Double Chin Liposuction!

Enfield Royal Clinic the best and most accomplished surgeons may be found in Riyadh, where they offer cutting-edge surgeries and treatments. We use the newest technologies to provide the outcomes you expect . We provide a very relaxing environment, and our staff is available to assist you as required.

Chisel Confidence, Sculpt Your Jawline!

Double Chin Liposuction in Riyadh uses state-of-the-art technology and works with elite medical specialists. Our committed staff is committed to giving patients the best care possible and helping them reach their objectives.

Book an Appointment!

Are you ready to take the step toward a new journey? We strongly recommend arranging a session with our expert and committed team. Please get in touch if you require any additional information regarding Double Chin Liposuction in Riyadh.


What is the duration of the procedure?

The duration of the procedure varies on size, but it usually takes one to two hours.

Which kind of anesthesia is used?

It depends on the method of treatment.

Is healing a painful process?

After the surgery, discomfort is typical, but the pain is usually bearable with prescribed medicine. Most people have bruising and swelling, which goes on with time.

Are the outcomes irreversible?

Long-lasting outcomes are possible provided a steady weight is kept. However, the duration of results can be influenced by lifestyle variables and the aging process.

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