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Hernia Surgery Cost in Riyadh

Hernia Surgery cost in riyadh

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Trust us because our experts understand your condition. Our specialist professional team gives the best treatment for hernia and takes care of you during hernia treatment. We give you our best and most effective Hernia surgery in Riyadh at a minimal price and using the best techniques. let’s visit our clinic and avail most effective deals and take some advantage of it.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 99 SAR to 598  SAR.

Results: Permanent

Back to work: After a procedure is done.

Duration of Treatment: 1 to 2 weeks

Type of Procedure: Surgical

Hernia Surgery:

It depends upon the condition of the hernia in the patient. it can repair the weak spot in during the treatment. During the treatment, the surgeon sets the position of the hernia and strengthens the abdominal wall. They can use different techniques during the surgery like tension-free mesh repair, laparoscopic surgery, and open surgery.


It can happen when fatty tissue pushes through a weak spot in the connective tissue. There are many types of hernia: inguinal hernias, hiatal hernias and umbilical hernias. These are the main types of hernia.

The Average Cost of the Treatment:

The price of this treatment at  Enfield Royal Clinic ranges from  99 SAR to 598 SAR. Feel free to contact us and avail some of the best treatments. The final fee will be decided after a procedure is done and a thorough evaluation of your condition.


Factors of cost:

Types of treatments:

Surgical: it can be dependent upon the procedure which you can select. like laparoscopic hernia  is a highly costs surgery due to the use of specialized equipment and technology.


Non-surgical: it’s not a costly procedure it can be cured without immediate surgery. you have to regulate it regularly but normally it is less expensive than a surgical procedure.

Surgical facility fees:

It can increase the overall cost. Like fees for facility use, operating rooms, and most special services they may vary between the healthcare providers.

Surgeon’s fees:

The surgeon’s fees depend upon their procedure and its appearance in overall cost. experienced surgeons, they may demand high fees. It also depends upon the area that may also charge high fees.

Anesthesia fees:

It can be applied during the surgery, and its fee can vary. The type and the duration of the treatment will also impact the costs.

Pre-treatment and post-treatment care:

It can include pre-treatment, tests to diagnose the type of hernia,post-treatment care, and check and balance on your appointments.

Geographic Location:

The cost of the specialist can be based on the location and prevailing cost of living in a specific region.

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Ready to see yourself as you can self your can? Book your appointment for a hernia surgery in Riyadh today and let us guide you about our best services and discount deals. visit our clinic now.


It depends on the types of surgery and some factors of hernia. Normally, patients return to their work and initially after surgery they need to start with light activities and after 2 or 3 weeks go for normal activities.

Yes, maintain a healthy diet, and weight, avoid heavy lifting, take good posture, and avoid the symptoms of constipation by taking a lot of water.

Its complications are rare but it occurs with some infections, chronic pain, and damage to surrounding structures.

It is an invasive surgical procedure where small incisions are created and a light, lighted tube with a camera and some tools to repair a hernia.

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