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Hybrid Hair Transplant Cost in Riyadh

Hybrid Hair Transplant Cost in Riyadh

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Fascinated by a groundbreaking treatment that seamlessly combines the best parts of hair rehabilitation? Well, suppose we conveyed to you information about a game-changing strategy that easily connects creation and creative experience. Get ready to discover the secret covering us as we delve into a range. If you want more information about your transplant you need to confer with your physician and enter the globe of  Hybrid Hair Transplant costs in Riyadh. 

Quick Facts:

Cost: 6,000 SAR to 8,000 SAR

Results: long term, more hair

Downtime: one or two weeks

Back to Work: after a week

Duration of Treatment: 5 to 6 hours

Type of Procedure: Surgical

Hybrid Hair Transplant:

A hybrid hair transplant is an advanced technique combining FUE and FUT to obtain a lot of grass in your treated area. Firstly we need to see the patient and consider his hair loss stage such as V, VI, and VII. Due to this, you can achieve a thick and naturally looking appearance of growing hair. In this technique, they can hide the scars that are expected from FUT. Their result is natural and no one can say that a person has undergone hair surgery. And it’s a little bit complicated procedure.

The Average Cost Hybrid Hair Transplant: 

The usual cost of a Hybrid Hair Transplant in Enfield Royal Clinic is between  6,000 SAR to 8,000 SAR. The ultimate pricing can be determined by examining the extent of the procedure and other standards. Schedule an appointment with us to determine the real cost of the therapy. 

Factors of cost:

Type of Procedures:

There are many kinds of techniques so that’s why the price relies on the method. All of them are utilized for hair transplants and have their expense coverage according to the process you desire.

Clinic status:

 The selected hospitals that have encountered doctors with all sorts of techniques instantly have a substantial effect on the fee of the treatment. Experienced prominent specialists may charge a high cost for the cure and the services they provide.

Session required:

The whole expense of the procedure also depends on your holidays because most of the time you need more visits to complete the expected outcomes. Your visits may instantly boost the entire expenditures of the procedure.

Use of Modern Technology:   

During the procedure, our physician uses some modern technologies to provide you with the best results. Then the total cost is high because of this.                                                                                    


The place can also influence the expenditure of transplant for a representative capital city, whereas rural areas offer less amount. 

Knowledge of medicine: 

The training and knowledge of the physician also influence the fee of cure. Physicians with more knowledge charge more banknotes and those with less knowledge may offer a low amount of fee. 

Clinical aptitude: 

The cost of a cure is also dependent on the type of structure where you can get the procedure. the formal clinic charges a large amount of cash as compared to the clinic that has low norms.

Book A Free Consultation:

If you wish to seek in-depth information on the Hybrid Hair Transplant Cost in Riyadh or have other queries related to its safety or effectiveness, you can book the consultation plan that we are offering. To do so, simply fill out the consultation form available on our website. Visit us at Enfield Royal Clinic and achieve health today!


Almost a year is required for the results

Almost 2000 to 3500 grafts can be harvested in the FUT strip in a single session.

Yes, you can hide your transplanted hair by wearing a loose-fitting hat. 

Yes, it can last for a long time 

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