Inverted Nipple Surgery in Riyadh

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Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to stop your nipples from pulling downward or questioned the symmetry of your breasts? What if I told you that right here in Riyadh, a life-changing experience is waiting for you? Inverted breast surgery is a route to greater comfort and confidence rather than only cosmetics. Learn more about Inverted Nipple Surgery in Riyadh.

Procedure Time

Approximately one hour


1 to 2 weeks

Back to Work

2 to 3 days



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Quick Facts

  • Risks: None
  • Cost: 15,000 SAR to 20,000 SAR
  • Type of treatment: Minimally Invasive
  • Results: Long-lasting

Inverted Nipple Surgery!

A typical but sometimes disregarded problem is having inverted breast surgery to address projecting inward rather than retracting breasts. The term “nipple inversion” refers to this condition that can be caused by several things, including genetics, nursing, trauma, or modifications to the breast tissue.

By loosening the tissues that hold the nipple in place, the surgery seeks to rectify the inversion.


The majority of individuals who have this surgery report feeling more confident and their nipples looking better. The procedure is thought to be safe and effective, and most patients report little scarring and a speedy recovery. It’s critical to speak with a licensed plastic surgeon about personal objectives, possible hazards, and the anticipated result given the particulars of the case.

Before After Results

Inverted Nipple Surgery before after in Riyadh

Ideal Candidates:

  • Cosmetic Concerns: Those who would prefer a more visually acceptable outcome and are troubled by the appearance of inverted nipples may decide to have surgery.


  • Functional Issues: An inverted nipple may occasionally result in functional issues including trouble nursing or maintaining proper hygiene. If their inverted nipples are making it difficult for them to breastfeed, women may want to think about having surgery.


  • Psychological Impact: A person may decide to have surgery to address issues related to inverted nipples if they hurt their body image, self-esteem, or general psychological well-being.

Healthy People: Those who are considering inverted nipple surgery should generally be in good health. This entails maintaining a healthy weight and keeping free of any infections or illnesses that


  • Better Aesthetics: It makes the nipples seem better, giving them a more balanced and natural appearance.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Fixing them can improve confidence and self-worth while also resolving any negative effects on body image.
  • Functional Improvement: Surgery may make nursing simpler for ladies whose nipples are causing them to have trouble nursing.
  • Improvement of Hygiene: Correcting them can improve the comfort and efficiency of regular hygiene procedures.
  • Personal Comfort: Surgery may provide relief for those who are troubled by the physical discomfort that comes with having these.
  • Clothes Options: Surgery gives patients more options because they may feel more comfortable wearing a variety of looks.

Pre Care:

Arrange a meeting to talk about your expectations, medical history, and goals with a licensed plastic surgeon.

Have a comprehensive medical evaluation to make sure you are healthy enough to have inverted nipple surgery.

Smoking might impede the healing process, so if you smoke, think about giving it up completely or cutting back before the treatment.

Before surgery, try to maintain a consistent weight because variations may affect the outcome of the treatment.

Comply with any particular pre-operative instructions given by your surgeon, such as those on medicine, food, and beverage preferences.


  • Anesthesia: To numb the area, the treatment is typically carried out under local anesthesia, but general anesthesia may be a possibility based on the patient’s and the surgeon’s discretion.
  • Cut: To provide the surgeon access to the underlying tissue, a little incision is made in the areola or at the base of the nipple.
  • Release of Tissues: The nipple is allowed to naturally protrude after the surgeon releases the restricting tissues that were causing the nipple inversion.
  • Correction Technique: To preserve the corrected position, a variety of procedures may be performed, including splitting constricted ducts, redesigning the nipple, or utilizing sutures.
  • Closing Incisions: After the repair is completed, the incisions are carefully sutured shut. The sutures may need to be removed during a follow-up visit, or they may dissolve on their own.
  • Application of Dressing: To safeguard the location of the wound and encourage appropriate healing, sterile dressings or surgical tape are placed.
  • Recovery Room: Following the procedure, you will be kept under close observation in case there are any immediate postoperative concerns during this period.
  • Advice for Postoperative Care: During the first phase of recovery, the surgeon gives comprehensive advice on how to take care of the incision site, control discomfort, and resume normal activities.

Inverted Nipple Surgery Cost in Riyadh

Typically, the price of Inverted Nipple Surgery in Enfield Royal Clinic Saudia is between 15,000 SAR to 20,000 SAR.

It’s important to note that the precise amount may change based on the degree of customization needed for your particular treatment.

Cost Affecting Factors

  • Location
  • Surgeons expertise
  • Medical tests

Unveil Confidence, Embrace Change

We collaborate with state-of-the-art technology as a group of exceptionally skilled medical professionals to give our patients the greatest care and support them in achieving their health goals.

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Does It Cause Pain?

Because of the local anesthetic, discomfort is limited. Prescription drugs can be used to treat any discomfort that may arise after surgery.

What is the duration of the recuperation phase?

While recovery times vary, most people can return to their regular activities in a matter of days to a week.

Do the outcomes last forever?

They can be permanently solved with these results, which are usually long-lasting.

Can I breastfeed following surgery?

Yes, rather frequently. Rather than making nursing more difficult, inverted breast surgery aims to make it easier.

Will there be noticeable wounds?

Scar visibility is typically negligible and incisions are small. Scars can be made to appear even less noticeable by taking the prescribed care.

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