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Elevate and Revitalize your glow by stepping into Radiance! We are here to be your helping hand!

No matter what your aesthetic goals are, at our clinic, we are targeting pigmentation, tattoo removal, skin texture, and many other laser treatments to assist our valuable candidates. Stop worrying as our committed staff can support you. Our Laser Clinic in Riyadh can help with all of your laser needs by utilising the most recent therapeutic laser treatments.

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Quick Facts

  • Results: Long-lasting
  • Cost: Affordable
  • Type of Treatment: Non-invasive

Discover the world of laser therapy, where the healing potential of light is transformed into an illumination of hope. Laser Procedures lead the road to a brighter, healthier, and more confident you by revitalising your skin’s radiance, restoring clear vision, and redefining painless procedures. Explore the fascinating world of laser therapy and its limitless potential for rejuvenation and renewal as we set off on this insightful adventure.

Revitalize & Rejuvenate with Laser Therapy!

In recent years, the world of medical science has seen a revolution due to laser therapy, usually referred to as laser treatment. This state-of-the-art method uses the strength of focused light to treat a variety of medical illnesses and aesthetic issues. From dentistry and surgery to dermatology and ophthalmology, laser therapy has demonstrated its effectiveness in offering accurate, non-invasive solutions.

What is Laser Treatment?

In order to target and interact with different tissues in the body, laser treatment uses amplified light that produces particular wavelengths. Using this method, doctors can do delicate procedures with great precision while causing the least amount of tissue damage possible. Both doctors and patients who are looking for safer and more efficient alternatives to traditional treatments favour laser therapy because of its controlled nature.

Applications of Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment in Riyadh is utilized for various concerns, conditions, and medical procedures. This include:

Dermatology: A wide range of skin issues, including acne, scars, wrinkles, and unwanted hair, are treated with lasers in dermatology. Additionally, psoriasis, vitiligo, and rosacea can all be treated with laser therapy.

Ophthalmology: LASIK and PRK treatments have revolutionised the management of a number of eye disorders, including refractive defects including myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Additionally, lasers are used to treat glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and other retinal diseases.

Dentistry: Lasers are now a necessity for procedures including teeth whitening, treating gum disease, and performing oral surgeries. Laser precision reduces pain and speeds up healing, improving patient comfort during dental visits.

Surgery: Lasers are utilised during surgery to precisely cut, coagulate, and remove tissue. Laser surgery frequently results in less bleeding, a lower risk of infection, and speedier recovery times than conventional surgical procedures.

Cancer Treatment: Laser therapy is an essential component of cancer treatment, particularly for certain types of cancer like skin, prostate, and cervical cancer. To find and eliminate malignant cells, photodynamic therapy and laser ablation are used.

Types of Laser Treatments

Over time, many types of laser procedures have evolved to meet a variety of medical and aesthetic requirements. The following are a few of the most popular laser procedures at our best laser clinic in riyadh.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This treatment targets issues including wrinkles, scars, and uneven pigmentation by removing damaged skin layers with concentrated light. This Skin Rejuvenation in Riyadh encourages the formation of collagen, which results in smoother, younger-looking skin.

Laser Hair Removal

At our hair removal laser clinic, this common aesthetic procedure where the experts use laser radiation to target the hair follicles and prevent further hair growth on the face and various parts of the body. In addition, it provides a durable remedy for unwanted hair. Many candidates have reported it as the best laser treatment for face.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo ink particles are broken down into tiny pieces so that the body’s natural processes may gradually remove them. It works well to cover up or erase unpleasant tattoos.

Laser Dentistry

The method is used by dentists for a variety of oral operations, including teeth whitening, the treatment of gum disease, and the removal of oral lesions.

Laser Therapy for Varicose Veins

According to our doctors at the body laser clinic, varicose vein symptoms are reduced and their look is enhanced using specific lasers that target and seal off aberrant veins.

Laser for Acne Treatment

Some lasers specifically target the sebaceous glands to lower bacterial and oil production, effectively curing obstinate acne, and reducing scarring.

Laser Hair Growth Therapy

In cases of hair loss and thinning, low-level laser treatment (LLLT) is used to stimulate hair follicles and encourage hair growth.

How to Reduce Redness after Laser Treatment?

As per our experts at the face laser clinic, the candidates are required to follow the below instructions to attain optimal results:

  • Use icepacks.
  • Be gentle to your skin.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Use a well-prescribed sunblock.
  • Refrain from hot showers.
  • Wear comfortable clothes

Skin Laser Treatment Cost

The cost of laser therapy at our skin laser clinic is not fixed as there are some factors that will influence the real cost. Thus, the actual cost will be decided at the initial meeting with the Best Dermatologist in Riyadh. However, below in the table are mentioned the standard cost according to the treatment.

Type of Treatment 

Price- SAR

Laser Skin Resurfacing

1,299 to 4,999

Laser Hair Removal

500 to 4,500

Laser Tattoo Removal

500 to 3000

Laser Dentistry

599 to 4,999

Laser Therapy for Varicose Veins

700 to 5000

Laser for Acne Treatment

499 to 1300 (per session)

Laser Hair Growth Therapy 

299 to 1599 (per session)

Impacting Factors of Cost

  • Treatment type.
  • Sessions needed.
  • Condition of the treatment area.
  • Reputation and locality of the clinic.
  • Experience and qualification of the doctor.

Laser Clinic in Riyadh

We take pleasure in remaining on utilizing modern techniques at Enfield Royal Clinic. Not only this, at our clinic we have highly qualified and experienced medical staff, including physicians and certified laser specialists. Furthermore, we are aware that every candidate is different, so we customize our treatment plans to meet the needs of each candidate.

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