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Laser Hair Removal Machine Types

laser hair removal machine

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Tired of continuously waxing, shaving, or plucking undesirable hair? Do you want skin that is silkier, more luminous, and hair-free? Learn about Laser Hair Removal Machine Types in the following blog and book us right away. We are here to provide you with modern and customised techniques.

Quick Facts:

Cost: Affordable

Sessions: 5 to 7

Outcomes: Long-lasting.

Duration of Therapy: 30 to 45 minutes. 

Type of Method: Non-invasive.

Laser Therapy!

To permanently remove unwanted hair, laser therapy is a common and efficient laser treatment. To limit hair development and reduce hair, it uses powerful laser beams that are pointed directly at the hair follicles. The technique employs properly regulated laser pulses that are emitted and subsequently absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles that contains melanin. 

Attain the perks of Laser hair removal & enter a world of smooth, hair-free skin! With the help of this ground-breaking procedure, men and women can finally find a liberating alternative to razors, waxing strips, and painful plucking sessions. As we discover the wonders of laser procedure and change your grooming regimen, say yes to a life of effortless elegance. 

Laser Machines Types:

Below are mentioned the Laser Hair Removal Machines used at our Clinic:

1. Diode

Diode laser hair removal focuses on the melanin (pigment) in hair follicles with a focused light beam, heating and eliminating the follicles to control further hair growth. 


  • Perfect for immense treatment areas.
  • Can target any type of skin.
  • Useful on thick hair.

2. IPL

IPL hair removal device targets hair follicles with broad-spectrum light rather than a focused laser beam.


  • Not much expensive.
  • Perfect for any tone of the skin.
  • Can be utilized on any part of the body.

3. Philips

Philips laser hair removal is a more affordable and practical alternative to expert laser treatments.


  • Safe and effective.
  • Customized treatment.

4. Braun

Braun hair removal is a cost-effective alternative to other laser treatments and is user-friendly.


  • Quick and precise.
  • Long-term results.

5. Deka

This equipment is mainly utilised in clinical and medspa environments. Deka most likely provides a combination of laser technologies, including diode lasers and Alexandrite lasers, both of which are quite efficient at removing hair permanently.


  • Personalized treatment.
  • Suitable for a wide range of candidates.

6. Alexandrite

These lasers have a longer wavelength that allows them to target hair follicles more precisely without harming nearby skin.


  • Quick process.
  • Safe and effective.
  • High rate of success

Generally Utilized Laser Machine:

It’s important to remember that personal factors, including the candidate’s skin type, hair colour, and the practitioner’s experience, might influence how effective laser hair removal is for them. Before beginning any laser hair removal procedure, a qualified professional should be consulted to confirm your specific needs, obtain the best technology, and ensure safety and effective results.

Advantages of the Treatment:

Several advantages are there, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Secure and adequate.
  • No major discomfort.
  • Self-confidence is boosted.
  • Deduction in ingrown hair.
  • Enhancement in skin quality.
  • No injury to nearby skin.
  • Appropriate for any skin type and hair colour.
  • Long-term to permanent decrease in hair.

Best Doctor for Laser Treatment:

For every candidate, they need to look for the best doctor for Permanent laser treatment. Thus, they are required to look for an experienced and qualified dermatologist who has extensive experience in performing the procedure. Anyhow, we assure you that at Enfield Royal Clinic, we have doctors who provide clean & safe facilities and a friendly environment to make our candidates comfortable.

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