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Liposonix Treatment Cost in Riyadh

liposonix treatment cost in riyadh

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Achieve confidence and beauty! Picture yourself with a sculpted, flawless body by discovering the wonders of liposonix treatment using state-of-the-art methods. Seize the opportunity to bid farewell to stubborn fat and embrace the new you. Say hello to confidence and attractiveness. Dive into the article below to uncover the liposonix treatment cost in Riyadh!

Quick Facts:

Cost: 800 SAR-2000 SAR

Results: long-lasting

Back to work: immediately

Duration of Treatment:1 hour 

Type of Procedure:non-invasive

Liposonix  treatment:

This innovative non-invasive procedure is designed to eliminate unwanted fat and sculpt the perfect body shape. utilizing  High-intensity ultrasound, it targets and removes excessive fat without the need for anesthesia & incision. The goal of this process is to provide a contoured and defined figure. Ultimately giving you a new look and boosting your confidence & self-esteem.

Cost :

The average cost typically ranges from 800 SAR to 2000 SAR. However, the exact price of the treatment will be determined after the initial session with our experts

Factors Influencing the Cost:

Some factors that impact the cost are given below:

  • Clinic quality : The quality of the clinic where you undergo treatment is a crucial factor in determining the treatment cost. Some clinics may offer lower prices due to their standards and services, while others with reputable names may charge higher fees for their prominence and quality of care.
  • Doctors expertise: The expertise of the doctor also influences the cost of the procedure. Highly experienced, professional, and qualified doctors with proven track records may command higher prices for tier services. Conversely, doctors with less experience in this particular treatment may charge lower fees.
  • Number of sessions: The expense of the treatment is also influenced by the number of sessions required. An increase in the number of sessions can lead to fluctuations in the overall price of the treatment.
  • Quality of the types of equipment: The types of equipment your doctor uses influence the expense of the treatment, if they use modern technologies in carrying out the procedure they will charge more.
  • Patients condition: The person who has less fat will need only one session and the cost will be cheaper. However, the person with more excessive fat will require more sessions and more time causing fluctuation in the cost of the treatment. 
  • Medications: The type of medicines used to numb for relieving pain can also count towards the final expense of the procedure.
  • Additional services: Some patients are concerned about their health and demand extra care after or before the procedure if they want pain-reducing ointment and creams they have to pay more. All these factors may influence the total expense.
  • Facility fee: Variation in the cost of the treatment depends on the facility’s location, the surgeons’ experience, and the surgical center’s reputation.
  • Surgeon proficiency: Doctor proficiency fluctuates the cost of the treatment as it plays a pivotal role in the outcomes of the treatment.
  • Preoperative test:  The tests carried out before the surgery impact the final cost of the treatment.
  • Lab fees: Additional charges of lab fees are applicable upon the cost of the surgery. The factors discussed above determine the price of treatment. But this is not the exact price and exact factors. Once you consult the doctor, the final cost will be evaluated keeping in view all the factors that cause fluctuation in the cost of the procedure. 

Best Clinic:

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Book a session at our clinic to analyze the liposonix treatment cost in Riyadh.


It can cause minimal and bearable pain for some time.

It has lasting results. 

High-intensity ultrasound is used in this process.

Yes, this process is completely safe.

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