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Melasma Treatment Cost in Riyadh

melasma treatment cost in riyadh

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If you’ve been wondering about the Melasma treatment Cost in Riyadh and how to get rid of those annoying skin imperfections you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at Melasma treatment and the aspects that influence the cost.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 700 SAR and 9500 SAR.

Results: long-lasting

Type of Procedure: non-invasive and minimally invasive

Back to Work: After sometime

Melasma Treatment!

It is a medical approach to dealing with the skin condition. It is a common dermatological condition that causes dark or greyish patches of skin to form on the face. These patches are frequently produced by an excess of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, and can be triggered by a variety of circumstances including hormonal changes, sun exposure, heredity, and even some drugs.

Melasma Treatment Cost in Riyadh

The price of melasma in Riyadh can fluctuate due to various factors, including your choice of clinic, the level of expertise of the practitioner, and other relevant factors. Generally, the cost for this procedure falls within the range of 700 SAR and 9500 SAR.

Cost Affecting factors:

Treatment technique: The treatment method chosen has a considerable influence on the cost. The prices of various procedures, like as topical creams, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser therapy, and fractional resurfacing, vary. In general, laser and light-based therapies are more costly than topical treatments.

Melasma Severity: The size and severity might affect treatment costs. More serious instances may need repeated sessions or a mix of therapies, raising the overall cost.

Medical Professional: The certifications and expertise of the medical professional giving treatment might have an impact on the cost. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons often charge more for procedures than estheticians.

location: The location of the treatment center might have an influence on the cost. Medical services are often more expensive in cities and regions with a higher cost of living.

Number of sessions: The sessions required to get the desired effects in some melasma therapies. Each session increases the overall cost.

creams and drugs: Any prescription topical creams or drugs might add to the overall cost of melasma therapy.

Post-Treatment Care: Depending on the treatment procedure, you may require special after-care items or follow-up consultations, which might increase the cost.

Rediscover Your Radiance: 

Enfield Royal Clinic takes great satisfaction in its widespread recognition and expertise in the field of Melasma Treatment Cost in Riyadh. Our innovative approach is what actually distinguishes us. Our staff is made up of highly qualified individuals who are solely committed to developing solutions to your specific needs. When you pick us, you will be able to learn more about it.


What is the cause?

It is produced mostly by a combination of sun exposure, hormonal changes (such as pregnancy or birth control), and hereditary susceptibility.

Can it be avoided?

This can be avoided by using broad-spectrum sunscreen, wearing protective clothes, and avoiding excessive sun exposure. Hormonal variables may be more difficult to avoid.

Is it possible to treat it?

Yes, there are treatments available to help lighten or minimize it. Complete removal, on the other hand, is not always attainable, and the outcomes might vary.

How long does it take to treat?

Treatment time varies according to the method utilized and the individual’s response. Some treatments may need repeated sessions.

Is it painful?

The severity of pain might vary depending on the therapy. Topical creams and various non-invasive treatments are often painless, although laser and chemical peel procedures may be.

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