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Mole Removal Cost in Riyadh

Mole Removal Cost in Riyadh

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Have you had enough of the bothersome moles on your skin? Do they cause you any discomfort or self-consciousness? This post will help you understand mole removal in Riyadh, including the cost, treatment options, and top clinics. Learn more about Mole Removal Costs in Riyadh.

Quick Facts:

Risks: None

Cost: starting 900 SAR

Type of treatment: NonInvasive and invasive

Results: Long-lasting

A medical technique called “mole removal” is used to get rid of unsightly moles on the skin. Typical skin growths that can form anywhere on the body are called moles, commonly referred to as nevi. Some of them are benign beauty marks, while others could annoy you because of their size, location, or possible health hazards.

The exact price will be examined with you during your in-person consultation at our facility. The average cost of a Mole Removal Cost in Riyadh is between 900SAR

After you visit our facility, we will perform a customized assessment to determine the most affordable options catered to your specific needs.

Size and Type of Mole

The cost is mostly dependent on the kind and size of the mole. More comprehensive operations, which might be more costly, may be required for more extensive or potentially malignant moles.


Subtracting those that are in delicate or difficult-to-reach places could take extra time and effort. The system’s intricacy may affect the final cost.

The Clinic’s Image

It may vary depending on the clinic’s repute. Established practices with skilled plastic surgeons or dermatologists may bill more.

Method employed

The price may also vary depending on the technique selected. Cryotherapy and laser removal could be less costly than surgical cutting-based excision.

Number of moles

Clinics may provide package discounts or a single-session fee reduction if you have several moles that need to be removed.

Supplementary Services

While some facilities charge for post-treatment care and follow-up sessions separately, others may include them in the total cost.

Book us Now!

When you’re prepared to embark on your journey to achieve clear skin, we strongly advise you to arrange a consultation with one of our dedicated and well-informed team members. If you require additional information about the Mole Removal Cost in Riyadh please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Is it safe to remove them?

When a trained medical practitioner removes it, it is usually regarded as safe. Although complications are uncommon, for optimal outcomes, select a reputed center.

Does removing it hurt?

Since local anesthesia is used for the majority of mole removal treatments, patients usually feel very little pain during the process.

Does extracting it leave a scar?

The size, kind, and removal method of the mole are among the variables that determine how much scarring results. Even though some scarring is typical, it usually fades over time.

How much time does recovery take?

The process used and the person’s recovery process can both affect how long it takes to recover. Most of the time, patients can restart their regular exercises in a matter of days to weeks.

Does it come with any risks?

Although the reduction is safe, there are some possible dangers, including infection, scarring, and skin color changes.

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