Expert Penile Curvature Treatment in Riyadh

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What is a Penile Curvature Treatment?

When you have an erection your penis starts to curve this is a physical condition and it’s natural to have some curve in your penis. This can occur at any time in your life you might get born with it or it might develop over time. If any change occurs to your pennies it can have a direct relation to your mental health, relationship and can become the cause of your ability to perform well during intercourse. It is best that you go see a professional if you are facing the following things:

  • When you or your partner get annoyed by the curve in your penis.
  • When start experiencing pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Your partner starts feeling pain during sexual intercourse.

These are some of the indications of a more serious condition that could occur because of
penile curvature.

Procedure Time

1 - 2 Hours


3 - 7 Days

Back to Work

1- 2 Weeks



Table of Contents

What causes Penile Curvature

Having a slight amount of curve in your pennies is normal but having a highly curved penis is a sign of concern and the cause of this is not always evident. The major cause of this has still not been found but it suggested that a curve might occur due to one side of your penis being more stretched. Injuries can occur during sexual intercourse with you or your partner because of a curvature in your pennies.

Symptoms of Penile Curvature

Some of the common symptoms of the disease are:

  • In the shaft of the penis, you might feel a thick area or a hard lump.
  • While having an erection you will feel discomfort.
  • You will feel the shape of your penis a bit changed as compared to normal.
  • The width and length of your penis will start to decrease.

Whereas It is not always essential for you to feel discomfort in your penis some feel it while others don’t. But if you don’t feel any discomfort this is a sign that you will start to feel better as the time passes by. Penile curvature can become a cause of erectile dysfunction and can also make your sex life difficult as you might feel pain while making love.

Nonsurgical Treatment

A number of nonsurgical treatments are available for Penile curvature some of these are:

  • Injections.
  • Oral medications.
  • Medical therapies.


This includes direct injection of medicines into your plaques this is known as intralesional injections. The treatment area is numbed before you are given an injection this is done in an acute phase.

Oral Medicines

No such oral medications are available at this time for the treatment of this disease. Whereas there are some medications present to decrease the size of the plaque that is, potassium para-aminobenzoate is used for the treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture this does not have any effect on the penile curvature.

Medical Therapies.

Some medical therapies are under consideration to see if they work or not these are:
Vacuum devices and Mechanical traction: They help in decreasing the curvature by bending or stretching your penis.
Shockwave therapy: It helps in lowering the amount of pain as it uses low-intensity electroshock waves that are pointed at the plaque.

Surgical Treatment Options

In order to completely remove the plague which will be helpful in reducing penile curvature is achieved with the help of surgery. It is advised to undergo surgery only when:
No improvement in the previous symptoms.
Feeling pain while having intercourse or an erection.
Not to have surgery until and unless your plaque and Curvature are maintained.
Surgery is not always accurate and on point, there are some difficulties in it as well some surgical options are:


A small amount of tissue is taken from another part of your body like your skin, vein, or leg and it is then replaced with a plaque that has been dismissed. The small tissue patch can also be grown in a laboratory or can be borrowed from someone else. This procedure is probable to cause numbness or Erectile dysfunction.


In order to reduce the amount of curvature a part of tunica albuginea that is present on the opposite side of the plaque is removed or pinched by your surgeon. This does not help in bringing back the length or girth of your penis. This procedure is less probable to cause numbness or Erectile dysfunction.

Device Implantation

It is advised to have implants if you are a target of both ED and Peyronie’s disease. An erection is caused with the help of a device that is implanted into your penis this also helps to straighten it out during an erection. Usually, the implants that are done reduce the amount of curvature but if this does not work then the implants are done in combination with any of the two other surgeries.


  • Taking care of yourself after the treatment is an essential and necessary job in order to achieve recovery at a good pace whereas the aftercare varies depending on the type of treatment you’ve used.
  • If you have undergone the treatments like Grafting, and Plication then you become prone to injections therefore it is advised not to be in sexual contact with your partner.
  • If you have taken treatments like penile traction therapy and vacuum therapy that it is advised not to stop using the treatment device and follow the instructions properly, moreover it is also suggested that you improve your daily routine and live a healthy and active life.
    Even after the treatment if you are still in pain then it is best to contact your doctor to get a better overview of your situation.
  • Being punctual towards your regular checkups is the key to recovery and this helps in the prevention of any future complications that might come.


The average cost of Penile curvature treatment in Riyadh varies depending on your condition and the treatment you are looking for. First, a consultation with our qualified surgeon will be done in order to get an exact price for the Penile curvature treatment in Saudi Arabia.

Looking for a Penile curvature treatment? Get a CONSULTATION with us to get a quote for yourself


It is the type of disease that has a major impact on your sexual performance and can also become the cause of irritation and other diseases as well. There are two main types of treatments that are penile enlargement surgery and non-surgical and include various other therapies in them as well like penile traction therapy, vacuum therapy, medication, and surgery. Whereas different treatments involve different kinds of aftercare methods like changing your daily routines in order to main a healthy life.


Can penile curvature be cured without treatment?

No, It is rare that penile curvature gets cured without treatment. In some cases where the situation is not that intense it gets cured but most of the time it does not get cured until and unless proper treatment is done.

Is surgery the only option for severe cases of penile curvature?

Yes, treatment is the only option for penile curvature. Whereas it advised only to have surgery when it is extremely required if you are not able to react to non-surgical treatments and your penile curvature has lasted for over a year.

How long does recovery take after surgery for penile curvature?

It depends upon how much you are taking care of your self some people recover at a very fast rate within a day or two whereas some might even take weeks to recover completely.

How much curve is normal?

As suggested by Bapsite the normal curvature is about 10 to 30 degrees in any direction. If your penis is slightly curved and you do not feel any kind of irritation during sexual intimacy then you do not need to undergo any kind of therapy.

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