Post-weight loss surgery in Riyadh

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Have you reached a major weight loss milestone only to struggle with skin excess and the after-effects of your journey? Do you need help determining whether diets and exercise regimens are the only ways to find a solution? 

Explore the world of weight loss surgery, it could be the game-changer that helps you become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Learn More about Post weight loss surgery in Riyadh.

Procedure Time

1 to 2 Hours


2 to 3 weeks

Back to Work

within 2 to 4 weeks



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Quick Facts:

Risks: None

Cost: 12,999 or above.

Type of Procedure: Minimally invasive

Results: Long-lasting

Post weight loss Surgery!

Often referred to as body contouring or body lift,It is a life-changing operation used to treat the effects of substantial weight loss. After undergoing significant weight loss, whether by diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, people frequently encounter a new obstacle: extra, sagging skin. This extra skin can affect a person’s comfort, movement, and self-esteem and can be a physical and psychological burden.


Following weight loss surgery, the patient saw notable improvements in both their physical and mental well-being. Significant weight loss following the procedure contributed to better general health and a lower risk of obesity-related health problems. The person not only reached a more ideal body weight but their mobility and capacity for physical activity were also significantly improved.

Before And After Results

Post weight loss surgery before and after results in Riyadh 1
Post weight loss surgery before and after results in Riyadh 2
Post weight loss surgery before and after results in Riyadh 3
Post weight loss surgery before and after results in Riyadh 4

Ideal Candidates:

  • Maintaining a steady weight over a period of months indicates a dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Concerns about Excess Skin: Having problems with extra skin and tissues that aren’t just caused by diet and exercise.
  • Approaching the operation with reasonable expectations and being aware of its subtle yet transformational effects is important.
  • Good Physical Health: A thorough health evaluation is used to determine one’s overall state of physical health.
  • Aftercare Commitment: A dedication to the post-operative recuperation procedure, encompassing scar management, a phased return to activities, and lifestyle modifications.
  • Emotional Readiness: Being aware of the psychological and emotional effects of the process and ready for both mental and physical changes.
  • Nonsmokers or Willing to Quit: Since smoking might obstruct the healing process, nonsmokers or those who are willing to temporarily give up


This procedure is best suited for people who have lost a large amount of weight because it results in:

Increased Comfort Level:

Say goodbye to discomfort and skin irritation brought on by extra skin. The physical experience following weight loss surgery is more comfortable and seamless.

Increased Self-Assurance:

Removing extra skin boosts confidence in addition to looks. Accept your body with a sense of renewed confidence and pride.

Enhanced Movement:

Enjoy improved mobility as more freedom to move and engage in physical activities is made possible by the elimination of extra skin.

Freedom of Clothes:

Say goodbye to the restrictions of baggy apparel. A universe of outfit options becomes available to you after weight loss surgery, showcasing your hard-earned figure.

Pre Care:

Medical Assessment

Obtain a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine your fitness for surgery and your general state of health. Talk to your healthcare staff about any allergies, medications, and pre-existing medical issues.

Dietary Advice:

To comprehend preoperative dietary recommendations, consult a qualified nutritionist. Make the required dietary adjustments and start forming healthy eating habits.

Engaging in Exercise:

Follow your healthcare provider’s advice and get frequent exercise. It can help you heal faster if you strengthen your muscles before surgery.

Behaviour Therapy:

To address the behavioral and emotional elements of eating, attend counseling sessions. Acquire coping mechanisms to control tension and emotional stimulants.

Assist Mechanism:

Create a solid network of friends and family  to assist you during the process.



preoperative assessments, such as physical examinations, blood work, and team discussions with the surgeons. Instruction on post-surgery nutrition and lifestyle modifications.


In order to keep the patient unconscious and pain-free throughout the procedure, general anaesthesia is given.


To gain access to the stomach and intestines, small incisions are made in the belly.

Section of the Stomach

A smaller upper pouch and a larger lower pouch are created by the surgeon’s division of the stomach.

Diversion of the Intestines

Food can avoid going through a section of the small intestine thanks to the rerouting of the small intestine to connect to both pouches.


A Y-shape is formed by the reconnecting of the remaining portion of the stomach and intestine.


Stitches or staples are used to seal the incisions.

Post-weight loss surgery Cost in Riyadh

Post-weight loss in Riyadh typically costs 12,999 SAR or above. It’s crucial to emphasize that the precise price may change based on the degree of customization needed for your particular treatment. Our experts at Enfield Royal Clinic will assess your unique demands during your initial meeting in order to deliver you a precise and customized quote.

Post weight loss


Factors Affecting the Cost:

  • Type of surgery 
  • Location
  • Anesthesia Cost

Experience cutting-edge technology and collaborate with top-tier medical specialists for Weight loss surgery. Our dedicated team is devoted to providing the highest quality care to help patients achieve their goals.

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How much time does recovery take?

Although healing times vary, most patients can resume their regular activities in two to four weeks. It could take a few months or several weeks to fully heal.

Will I lose a lot of weight right away following the procedure?

Individual differences exist in weight loss. Some people lose weight quickly, while others could lose weight gradually over time. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for long-lasting and fruitful outcomes.

What dietary adjustments are required following surgery?

It is usually advised to switch from liquid to solid foods gradually. For patients to assist in their weight loss journey, a nutritious, well-balanced diet with fewer portion sizes should be followed.

What possible adverse effects or concerns could result?

Although they are uncommon, risks can include an infection, blood clots, or problems with anaesthesia.

What is the duration of the effects?

Generally speaking, results last a long time, especially when paired with a healthy lifestyle. But for long-term success, sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise schedule is essential.

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