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Root Canal Cost in Riyadh

root canal cost

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A beautiful smile can brighten any space, but when tooth pain occurs, that shine can be diminished. Finding a solution to dental problems is crucial for Riyadh residents, but being aware of the financial implications may frequently add another level of stress. Learn More about Root Canal Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Quick Facts:

Cost: ‎ 1500 SAR to 5000 SAR

Results: Permanent

Type of Procedure: Invasive

Back to Work: After 1 to 2 days

What is a Root Canal:

A dental surgery known as a root canal can save a tooth when its pulp, or inner layer, develops an infection or damage. The pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels, is located inside each tooth in the form of small canals. If left untreated, an infection of this pulp brought on by deep holes, fissures, or trauma can cause excruciating pain and possibly result in abscesses.

Root Canal Cost in Riyadh:

The cost of a Root Canal in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is subject to several factors including the the specific procedure undertaken, and your choice of clinic. However, as a rough estimate, you can anticipate a price range of approximately 500 SAR to 5000 SAR.

Factors affecting the cost:

Location of the Tooth: The intricacy of the surgery might vary depending on where the tooth is in your mouth. For instance, molars may cost more to repair than front teeth.

Damage/Severity of Infection: The difficulty of the surgery might vary depending on how badly the tooth is infected or damaged. Costs may rise if a more serious infection necessitates more appointments or steps in the healing process.

Number of Canals: The number of root canals in a tooth might vary. Molars may have several canals, and treating each canal increases the complexity and length of the process.

Dentist Experience: The cost of a root canal may vary depending on the dentist’s experience and skill. Due to their expertise and reputation, highly experienced dentists could bill extra.

Specialist vs. standard Dentist: The price of the procedure may be higher if you are sent to an endodontist (a specialist in root canal treatments) than if you go to a standard dentist.

Location: Depending on the cost of living and local economic conditions, dental operations might cost differently depending on where they are performed.

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At the Enfield Royal Clinic, we take great pride in our illustrious reputation and unmatched expertise in the field of Root Canal. Our uniqueness distinguishes us and is characterized by a group of seasoned professionals who are unwaveringly committed to creating great solutions specifically catered to your unique demands. With the use of cutting-edge technology and a firm commitment to safety, we ensure the best results. 

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Do they hurt?

Due to the use of local anesthesia during modern root canal treatments, they are often not unpleasant. 

How can I tell whether it is necessary or not?

Severe tooth pain, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, swollen or sore gums, and a pimple-like swelling on the gums next to the damaged tooth are typical indicators that you may require a root canal.

How much time is required for the procedure?

The intricacy and location of the tooth will determine how long the root canal operation takes. A root canal may often be finished in one to two sessions, each lasting around

Will I require a crown?

It is frequently advised to install a dental crown on the treated tooth after a root canal. Since teeth that have had root canals can grow more fragile over time, a crown helps to safeguard the tooth.

How long will the effects last?

A tooth that has had a successful root canal can survive a lifetime with the right care. The health of the treated tooth depends on regular dental checkups and appropriate oral hygiene habits.

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