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Sideburn Hair Transplant cost in Riyadh

Sideburn Hair Transplant cost in Riyadh

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Have you ever wanted your sideburns to speak for you, but they always appear to be whispering rather than yelling? Are you looking for a game-changing solution that could make those timid murmurs into audacious claims? 

Discover the world of sideburn hair transplants, where self-assurance and cutting-edge collide. Have you ever wondered how to get that attention-grabbing sideburn swagger? Learn more about Sideburn Hair Transplant cost in Riyadh.

Quick Facts:

Risks: None

Downtime: 2 to 3 days

Cost: 10,000 SAR to  40,000 SAR

Type of treatment: minimally invasive

Outcomes: Long-lasting 

Back to work: 10 to 14 days

Sideburn Hair Transplant:

Hair follicles are surgically incorporated into the sideburn region of the face. The patches on the sides that grow from the hairline to the region in front of the ears are known as sideburns. Some individuals may lose hair or see thinning in the sideburn area as a result of burns, trauma, genetics, or other causes.

follicles from a donor area often the back or sides of the head, where hair growth is prolific and resistant to hair loss are routinely gathered by a practitioner.

Sideburn Hair Transplant cost in Riyadh

When you visit for a fee talk, we will go over all of the associated fees with you. We will look the price in much more spectacular detail when you visit. The range is from 10,000 SAR to  40,000 SAR

Comprehending your demands as a whole is our primary priority, and we’re devoted to tailoring our solutions to meet them. Our immediate objective is to deliver excellent effects while tailoring the expenses to your unique needs and budgetary circumstances.

Factors affecting the cost:

  • Area: Depending on the location, medical procedures might have widely differing costs. It may cost more in areas where the cost of living is more elevated or where there is a more heightened need for cosmetic procedures.
  • Surgeon’s Standing and Expertise: Reputable and skilled surgeons frequently command greater rates for their assistance. The surgeon’s level of expertise, background, and success rate with operations can affect the final cost.
  • Procedure Type: The price may vary depending on whether follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE) is utilized. Given that FUE requires more training and time than FUT, the cost may be higher.
  • Number of Grafts Needed: The expense is determined by the quantity of grafts required. The process will take longer and could cost more if more grafts are needed.
  • Donor Quality: The expense may vary depending on the caliber of hair taken from the donor region. The total cost may change if the donor is of excellent quality and can produce a pleasing cosmetic outcome.
  • Clinic Aptitudes: The amenities and facilities that the surgical center or clinic offers may raise the price. High-end facilities with modern furnishings and an inviting atmosphere could charge more.

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Take immediate action and make an appointment with us at Enfield Royal Clinic. When you’re prepared to proceed, we strongly advise scheduling a meeting with our devoted and experienced team. If you would like further information about the Sideburn Hair Transplant cost in Riyadh please contact us.


While healing times can vary, most people are able to return to their normal activities in a few of days.

In most cases, it is permanent. The parts of the scalp that are resistant to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes hair loss, are where the hair follicles are removed from.

It carries some dangers, much like any invasive procedure: infection, edoema, and scarring. But when a qualified and experienced physician performs the procedure.

Although there may be some early shedding of the hair, new hair usually starts to grow in a few months. 

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