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Thigh Lift cost in Riyadh

Thigh Lift cost in Riyadh

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Ever found yourself longing for sleeker, more contoured thighs, but wondered if there’s a solution that goes beyond exercise? Curious about the secrets behind achieving sculpted confidence? Well, have you ever considered a Thigh Lift? Learn more about Thigh Lift costs in Riyadh.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 9700 SARA to95000 SAR 

Results: long-lasting

Downtime: Between 4 to 6 weeks

Duration of Treatment: 2 to 3 hours

Type of Procedure: invasive

Thigh Lift!

It is a type of cosmetic surgery where extra skin and, sometimes, fat are removed to tighten and contour the thighs. People who have undergone major weight loss or ageing, which causes the skin in the thigh area to sag and lose its suppleness, frequently seek this operation.

The inner thigh or the crease where the thigh and butt lift meet are common strategic sites for incisions made by the physician.

Thigh Lift cost in Riyadh:

When you visit our clinic in person, we will furnish you with a detailed overview of the specific expenses related to the Thigh Lift cost in Riyadh. The cost will be extensively discussed during your appointment, typically ranging from 9700 SARA to 95000 SAR

Our foremost focus is understanding your individual needs, and we will offer personalized recommendations that precisely align with your demands. Apart from delivering outstanding results, our primary goal is to customize the expenses according to your specific requirements.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The price might vary depending on several factors, such as:



The total cost of surgical procedures is influenced by regional differences in medical costs and cost of living. Its costs may be higher in urban areas and locations with a higher cost of living.


Experience and Reputation of Surgeon:

A renowned and highly skilled plastic surgeon might charge more for their skills. The cost may vary depending on the surgeon’s reputation and track record of effective thigh lift procedures.


Facility Charges:

The total expenditure is influenced by the fees related to the surgical facility, such as the cost of the operating room, employee pay, and other administrative expenditures.


Anesthetic Expenses:

The kind of anesthesia utilized during the process and the anesthesiologist’s charges may have an impact on the overall cost.


The scope of the process:

The fee might vary depending on its intricacy, which includes removing fat and/or skin from both thighs, the precise techniques used, and the quantity of skin that needs to be removed.


Tests before surgery and care afterwards:

Preoperative testing and postoperative treatment, including follow-up visits and any required medication, may result in additional costs.

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When you’re ready to move forward, we strongly suggest scheduling a meeting with one of our devoted and knowledgeable employees. If you need any more information on how much Thigh Lift costs in Riyadh. Please get in touch with Enfield Royal Saudi whenever you need information; we are here to help.


To get a more toned appearance, the surgeon usually makes incisions in key places, removes extra skin, and then redrapes the skin that remains. The particular method used will depend on the demands of the patient.

Although recovery timeframes differ, patients might need to miss work and refrain from physically demanding activities for a few weeks. Compression clothing is frequently used to promote recovery.

There are dangers associated with any operation, such as infection, scars, and problems related to anesthesia. During the consultation, possible dangers will be covered in detail.


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