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Tooth Removal Cost in Riyadh

Tooth Removal Cost in Riyadh

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Exploring a brighter smile that should not decrease your financial outlook. Let us together discover the cost of teeth extraction in our clinic where the quality of oral health care meets the affordability. Our clinic offers you the best and safest Tooth Removal Cost in Riyadh. Join us to reveal the price of saying goodbye to the problem of teeth. Allow us to deliver you the best and most effective therapy to treat your smile. Read the further information from the below page.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: 300 SAR to 1800 SAR.
  • Results: instantly.
  • Downtime: 1 day.
  • Back to work: after 1 to 2 days.
  • Duration of Treatment: 25 to 45 minutes.
  • Type of Procedure: non-operative.

Tooth Removal!

Tooth removal may be essential for many causes, involving the chronic decay of your teeth. It is the most specific dental techniques, teeth removal can destroy bacteria and enhances your overall oral cavity. It is performed in which your teeth are fully eradicated from its socket. Mostly, people refer to this procedure as pulling a tooth. If you are facing decay of the tooth badly and in the past you try to repair it, then extraction can be essential. Your dentist will suggest tooth extraction if you are facing:

  • Activities damaging the teeth.
  • Chronic fractured teeth.
  • Crooked teeth.
  • Chronic gums disorders.
  • Any dental injury.
  • An affected tooth.

Dentists prefer to save natural teeth whenever feasible. But a few times, other restoration techniques like crowns, and fillings are not enough to get back your teeth.

Tooth Removal Cost in Riyadh

The Tooth Removal Cost in Riyadh ranges from 300 SAR to 1800 SAR. The accurate cost of the treatment will be described after meeting the dentist. Every dental problem can lead you to the severity so, meet your doctor discuss all the issues, and get affordable solutions for yourself to boost your smile. Give yourself the treatment until it gets late. Do not let your cavities and infections destroy your gums. 

Factors Impacting the Cost:

Many treatments can replace the teeth that are missing but it fluctuates the cost level. Here are some factors that can vary the cost:

  • The extraction process: The removal procedure of the teeth can be costly. The extraction leads to many steps that can increase the price according to the phases of the removal of teeth.
  • The severity of the case: If the patient is facing chronic pain and the severity of the teeth decaying, he/she must remove those teeth and fill that place with artificial teeth.
  • Dentist expertise: The expertise includes experiences, recorded cases, successful recoveries, and skills that may noticed to get consulted. These may be included in the charges contained by the dentist fees as well.
  • Location of the clinic: The location of the clinic near the home will charge you less as it does not include travel charges. Urban areas are more costly than the rural areas. Every location will charged according to their facilities and luxuries.
  • Additional services: The services that are except the procedure are called additional. This may involve pre-care, post-care, tests, insurance coverages, medications, and many other things that are costly at the expense of the therapy.

Renew Your Smile With Us!

Enfield Royal Clinic offers you the pocket-friendly and advanced Tooth Removal Cost in Riyadh. Get the opportunity to enhance your smile by consulting our specialists. Get An Appointment with our clinic!


Few therapies can restore the missing teeth. It includes the implantation of teeth, bridges, partial dentures, and others.

The teeth extraction comes at the stage where teeth completely decay or get infected by the cavities.

You can take liquid and soft meals after the treatment till the healing process is completed.

You can but it will affect the eating, chewing, grinding, speaking, and other oral problems. It will also change the appearance of your face. 

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