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Types of Gastric Balloons in Riyadh

Type of Gastric Balloon in Riyadh

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A non-surgical method of managing weight, gastric balloons have the objective of bringing up area in the stomach and compelling hunger, which in turn decreases food infusion. For those who want to treat their obesity or overweight problems without undergoing additional surgical methods like a gastric bypass, this methodology is a strong option. Gastric balloons have become famous for encouraging outcomes. Enfield Royal Clinic offers you a description of the types of Gastric Balloons in Riyadh.

Quick Facts: 

Cost: 14000 SAR to 21000 SAR.

Results: Ongoing 

Downtime: 1-2 days.

Back to Work: 2-3 days.

Duration of Treatment: 30-40 minutes.

Type of Procedure: non-invasive.

Gastric Balloons in Riyadh:

A silicone balloon that is supplied with saline is inserted into your stomach during a weight-loss surgery named gastric balloon implantation. This decreases your food infusion and increases your sensation of fullness better fast, which helps in weight loss. An intragastric balloon is inserted. This is a non-surgical, temporary approach.

If diet and practice haven’t allowed you to lose weight and you’re anxious about it, you might believe the intragastric balloon therapy. An intragastric balloon procedure necessitates a responsibility for a fit lifestyle, just like different weight-loss surgeries. For the therapy to be successful in the long run, you must devote yourself to long-term healthy dietary adjustments and regular practice.

Types of Gastric Balloons in Riyadh:

Gastric balloons are a current medical therapy for those with obesity or overweight issues in Riyadh. Because of their changeable personality, non-surgical approach, and proven interpretation, gastric balloons are an effective option for long-term weight loss and more useful health outcomes. Here are some of the kinds described below:

  • Saline-Filled Gastric Balloons: These balloons are supplied with a clean saline explanation after being positioned into the stomach. They are exited in location for a set duration, typically up to six months, before being released. Saline-filled balloons have been thoroughly researched and applied, showing positive outcomes for weight loss.
  • Gas-Filled Gastric Balloons: As an alternative, gas-filled balloons, especially those containing nitrogen, are available. These balloons decrease the possibility of discomfort by offering buoyancy into the stomach. Unlike saline-filled balloons, they may be positioned for a period.
  • Adjustable Gastric Balloons: Onetime inserted, a mechanism on these balloons authorizes you to modify the volume. This feature enables medical professionals to customize the balloon’s altitude to improve comfort and effectiveness.


Here are some basic advantages of obesity treatment

  • Not surgical: It offers a non-surgical alternative to surgical weight-loss methods by eliminating the necessity for surgery.
  • Recoverable: These can be eradicated at any time, just like they did before, without requiring ongoing surgical treatments.
  • Effective: Clinical analyses have indicated that gastric balloons are a useful tool for lowering obesity medical issues and assisting patients in creating considerable weight loss reductions.
  • Minimal downtime: Healing periods for gastric balloon insertion are concise due to the lack of damage, allowing a person to quickly continue their normal exercises.

Who is suitable?

The listed individuals are suitable for the cure:

  • People are obese.
  • Having specific body weight.
  • People who desire to diminish weight.
  • Patients having hypertension.
  • Having diabetes.

Better Scheduling, Better Life!

We deliver you with an important method to endless weight loss. Multiple gastric balloons that are delivered in Riyadh make clear that the newly developed and innovative tools mark a revolution in non-surgical weight management methods. Enfield Royal Clinic suggests a description of the types of Gastric Balloons in Riyadh. For consultation, book an appointment.


Yes, it helps to lose weight.

No, it is not painful.

It takes around five days or a week.

No, it's not a surgical method.

People who are facing obesity, hypertension, etc can have this treatment.

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