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Ultherapy Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

ultherapy cost

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Are you ready to embrace a new era of rejuvenation and radiance? If there are dark spots or wrinkles on your face, and you want clear facial skin, then look no further because Ultherapy is a perfect solution. Enter the world where innovation meets aesthetics, Ultherapy stands as a beacon of hope for those who seek non-invasive, natural-looking results. The therapy lifts, tightens, and revitalizes your beauty that shines through the years. This unique skincare treatment allows you to achieve your goals using modern tools and technologies. Read below to learn about Ultherapy Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and book us.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 9999 SAR

Results: Improved Appearance

Back to work: After the Therapy

Duration of Treatment: Approximately an hour

Type of Procedure: Harmless and Minimal Invasive

Why is there a Need for Ultherapy?

The necessity for Ultherapy emerges due to the undeniable reality that time imprints itself upon each individual, and our skin frequently shoulders the impact of this passage. As time progresses, the essential collagen accountable for the elasticity and tightness of our skin commences a gradual decline, leading to the emergence of drooping, faint creases, and wrinkles. 

Unlike ointments and serums that frequently make impressive outcomes but are for a limited time, Ultherapy presents a precise and enduring remedy that directly confronts the fundamental origins of aging skin. Whether it relates to the fragile skin around the eyes, the defining jawline, or the narrative-bearing neck, Ultherapy precision facilitates tailored therapies, guaranteeing the manifestation of your finest self.

What kind of Aftercare is Needed for Ultherapy?

After undergoing the transformative experience of Ultherapy, a careful and considerate aftercare routine becomes an essential companion on your journey to radiant rejuvenation. The post-treatment phase is an important period that necessitates your attention and dedication to maximize the remarkable results you’ve achieved. Candidates are advised to maintain the following things:

  • Drink more water.
  • Safeguard skin from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid harsh skincare products.
  • Keep ongoing contact with your doctor.

Ultherapy Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the first step starts with the proper checkup and analysis of the candidates’ condition. This identifies whether Ultherapy is an effective treatment for them and whether it is helpful for their skin. Our team consists of the most qualified professionals to carry out the procedure. The therapy is advanced and requires up-to-date technology to perform, Our clinic ensures that modern technology is used for the therapy. The price of Ultherapy at our clinic starts from 9,999 SAR. This price can also be affected by other factors as well.

Factors Affecting Cost:

  • Area being treated.
  • Time for therapy.
  • Skin type.
  • Sessions required.
  • Technology used.
  • Expertise of Doctor.
  • Location of Clinic.

Experience the Power of Ultherapy at Our Clinic

This blog briefly explains the Ultherapy Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Book our clinic for your skincare treatments and step into the world of rejuvenation by filling out the form below.


Are the outcomes of Ultherapy permanent?

The procedure helps improve collagen production but as you age there may be a decrease in the production and results may fade after some time.

Can sunlight impact the outcomes of therapy?

Yes, sunlight can impact the outcomes of the therapy and can cause damage to the skin.

Is Ultherapy for everyone?

The therapy is a good option for individuals who want to improve their overall facial appearance. The procedure is ideal for individuals who are experiencing early signs of aging.

Is there any need for anesthesia

No, there is no need for anesthesia during the Ultherapy. It is a non-surgical procedure and doesn’t require anesthesia.

Is there any danger of infection?

No, the danger of infection is very low regarding Ultherapy. The therapy uses ultrasound technology and the procedure is minimally invasive so there are very low chances of any kind of infection.

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