Cryotherapy in Riyadh

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Embrace the freeze for a better tomorrow! It is the treatment where your caretaker applies highly cold to freeze and diminish irregular tissues. Your caretaker will deliver you a fluid like nitrogen or argon gas.  Cryotherapy in Riyadh can be used to treat a variety of skin situations and a few cancerous cells. This therapy fixes the problems externally and internally. This method is also called cryoablation. For more information, read more.

Procedure Time

30 to 40 minutes.


no downtime

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right after.



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Quick Facts

  • Cost: 400 SAR to 9000 SAR.
  • Results: long-lasting.
  • Duration of Treatment: 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive.

Cryotherapy in Riyadh:

Cryotherapy in Riyadh is a method that uses freezing temperature. It is the minimally invasive method of cure. There are numerous potentials for physical and mental health. The providers provide highly cold-to-freeze and diminish irregular tissues in the body. 

To produce this extreme coldness, your healthcare will use some gaseous chemicals. It can be utilized to cure a numerous situation on the surface of the skin for example prostate and liver cancer, and others. The therapy can cure both external (on the surface of the skin)  and internal (in the body).

Usage of cryotherapy:

According to the healthcare professional, the cold depends on the place of the irregular tissue:

  • External: If the tissues are placed on the surface of the skin, your caretaker will normally utilize a spray tool or cotton wipes to apply the freezing liquid. External cryotherapy becomes the reason for frozen skin blisters and peeling off so, that nourishing skin can develop.
  • Internal: To cure the internal situation of the body, such as precancerous cells or a tumor. Your caretaker will utilize the tool that is known as a cryoprobe. This tool is injected through a small cut into your skin. When irregular cells freeze and demolish during internal therapy, your unsusceptible approach allows clear the tissue out of the body.


The following are the listed benefits of the therapy:

  • It helps to cure migraines by chilling and numbing the nerves in place of the neck.
  • Most athletes use cryotherapy for many years to cure multiple injuries.
  • This will help you to have an optimistic effect on mood disorders such as stress and hypertension.
  • Helpful in weight loss.
  • It is especially useful in curing the pain of people who are suffering from arthritis.
  • This helps by chilling the cancerous cells and encompassing them with frost crystals.
  • Improve the eczema effects.
  • It might help to cure dementia and Alzheimer’s problems.
  • This therapy helps to treat chronic skin issues such as atopic dermatitis.
  • Improves sleeping abilities.
  • Lessens muscle damage and inflammation.

Perfect Candidate:

The most perfect candidates should lie in the list given below:

  • High blood pressure people are not recommended.
  • People who have mental disorders can have this.
  • Desire to cure the pain.
  • Athletes can have therapy.
  • People who want to recover muscles.

Pre-care Instructions:

You have to follow up some of the instructions for getting ready:

  • Do not take medicine for blood thinning.
  • Control your eating and drinking before proceeding.
  • Plan someone who will drive you home.
  • Avoid hot baths.
  • Avoid alcoholic use.

Before After Results:

caryotherapy before after results
caryotherapy before after

How is the Procedure Done?

The following are the steps for therapy to be performed:

  1. Organize the cryogen.
  2. Choose suitable tips.
  3. Local anesthesia.
  4. Allocate cryotherapy.
  5. Margins.
  6. Replicate freeze-thaw cycle.
  7. Chart the lesions.


Depending upon the situation of the patient, outcomes will take time. The patient must have a healthier diet and a better lifestyle. she/he does not have to work hard. It takes at least a few months to observe the results. It is advisable to reach about 2 to 3 supervision sessions 6 months after the end of the therapy to sustain the development.

Post-care Instructions:

You should follow the aftercare instructions that are given below:

  • Wear dry and loose clothes.
  • Wear socks and gloves.
  • Avoid unhygienic things.
  • If any issues instantly call the doctor.


If you have this therapy for the external situation, the treatment place will be changed to red after the method. It can cause mild pain after a process of about three days. The regaled place will create a scab, which normally recovers in one to two weeks.

Cryotherapy Cost:


Starting From
SAR 400


SAR 9000

The cost of cryotherapy in Riyadh is 400 SAR to 9000 SAR. The exact cost will be notified by your doctor due to adding some factors cost will vary and also vary according to the medical condition of the patient.

Factors Affecting the Cotst:

The following are the factors that can affect the cost:

  • Location of clinic:
  • Experts fee:
  • Types of equipment used:
  • Medications:
  • Quality time:
  • Level of services:
  • Number of sessions.

Leave the Healing to Us!

Our skilled and professional team will advise you on the best after noticing your symptoms. Your health is more important to us. We provide you the highly skilled and professional experts who will lead you through the therapy steps in detail. You have to start with the talk at our clinic. You just have to do is grab the phone call our clinic and get a consultation appointment.

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Enfield Royal Clinic provides you with advanced and trendy cryotherapy in Riyadh. Hurry up! Book an appointment to get more comfort to your mind and your body.


Is the entire body cryotherapist satisfied?

Yes, it results in feeling cold.

How do I sense after a session?

Most of the patient were observed in their sleeping quality after cryotherapy.

Who must avoid cryotherapy?

People who are pregnant, have some heart issues and high blood pressure problems.

How long is every session?

It takes about 3 to 4 minutes but you can end the session any time.

Is coldness bearable?

It is a dry chillness without nourishment and it is tolerable even for those who can’t bear coldness.

Is nitrogen gas dangerous?

No. nitrogen gas is not dangerous, it is a skin-friendly gas.

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